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Here's a collection of good old English Music Hall songs. Most of them are from the Edwardian Era and have a London Cockney theme with lots of Cockney slang, but some are also from the North Country. I have attempted to collect as many of these as possible, but am always open to additions if anyone has any suggestions. You can e-mail me at: PPorter@socal.rr.com if you have any comments.

These songs are listened to by many people all over the world. London is most likely where the collection of songs is most popular but it wouldn't be uncommon to find them heard in U.S. cities like Los Angeles, San Diego and New York. People of all professions from a California attorney to a police officer in Cambridge can enjoy the old English Music Hall songs.

A copy of most of these songs is also available in printed form in my book with the title "Lyrics to Songs from the Music Hall" from Amazon.com.

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However, just keep panning down if you want to see the songs that I have on my site.

A free Subscription to the WebZine, "An Encyclopedia of the British Music Hall" can be obtained from frederick.denny@tesco.net

Or go to this special site dedicated to the Edwardian Music Hall.

There are also many of these songs on the following site, MORE WWII AND MUSIC HALL DOWNLOADS from Jill Daniels.

The words to the songs shown below can be accessed by clicking on the titles: Music is also available for the songs shown with * . Wherever possible, these are in the form of Song/Music Sheets, although this form is not always available. When the actual muic sheets are unavailable, an audio version may also be indicated and, if you have Microsoft Media Player, or something similar, you'll at least be able to listen to the words.

Alphabetic List of songs appearing on this site.
Please pan down if you don't immediately see the song you were looking for on the page (It will be there).

Click Here to see a list of songs and music that I will be adding over the next few weeks. Please check back for new songs as they are added.

    Original Audio, (MP3 Audio)
    A medly of Songs sung by:
    Marie Lloyd
    Billy Merson
    Charles Coburn
    Ella Retford
    Florrie Ford
    Harry Champion
    Vesta Victoria
    These songs were sent to me from New South Wales, Australia, by Paul Fraser.

    The following songs were sent to me by New Jersey Pub Singer, Luke O'Malley.

    She's Mine
    Brought to my attention by David Thomas (Hamilton, Ontario)

More to come!