Listen to a 1912 recording by Mark Sheridan.

In an office up the West,
Obadiah, smartly dressed,
Wandered in one Friday morn,
In a brand new fancy vest.
His pals all rose and said
"My word, you're a naughty naughty boy.
Last night we saw you making eyes
At a nice little lump of joy.
You kissed her twice on the same place twice,
And gave her waist a squeeze.
So we'd like you to inform us.
Mister Obadiah please."

Who were you with last night?
It wasn't your sister,
It wasn't your Ma,
Ah! ah! - ah! ah! - ah! ah! ah! ah!
Who were you with last night?
Out in the pale moonlight,
Are you going to tell your Missus when you get home,
Who you were with last night?

Like a rosy apple red,
Obadiah blushed and said,
You're mistaken boys, because
I was iout with Uncle Fred."
His pals looked round and winked,
Then said, as they gave a knowing grin,
"Do you always squeeze your Uncle's waist,
And tickle his bristly chin.
Does you Uncle too,
Wear a high heeled shoe,
And a dainty powdered face.
Does he sport a hobble skirt,
And bits of fur below and lace?"


Obadiah said, "I'm sure,
My brother, p'raps you saw."
They said "Wow - wow, Obadiah, you can tell that tale to Noah.
Weknew you by your sprightly walk,
And the tale you told was grand.
Last night we saw you in the park
There listening to the band.
Your darling wife,
She would have your life.
And put your hair in curl,
If sheknew you'd been out walking
With some other little girl!"