Code Name
Results and
Period October 1942 and November

Carpenter Near Lle de Blatz MGB 318
Lt. C. Martin R.N.V.R.
To land and bury arms ammo. 4 attempts failed Oct. because of weather.
2 attempts in Nov.
First one failed because of bad weather. Second succeeded on Nov 10
Period January - March 1943

Tenderly (1)Triagoz
(2)Lle Losquet
MGB 318
Lt. C. Martin R.N.V.R.
To lay special Sonar Buoys as Navigational aids in connection with "Carpenter II Jan 24 Completed successfully in spite of
shocking weather conditions
Carpenter II 7 miles SW of Lle-de-Blatz MGB 318 and
MGB 324
To land and bury 1/2 ton S.O.E. stores Jan 25 Bad weather
Feb 13 Bad weather
Feb 28-March 11 One attempt failed because of fog.
March 25-April 1 Attempt cancelled
Tentative (1) Off Lle-de-Blatz
Off Mean Nevez
MGB 318
Lt. E. Honer R.N.V.R.
To lay 2 special Sonar Buoys
in connection with Carpenter II
Jan 25-Feb 13 As for Carpenter II
March 9 Half completed.
Capenter III Lle-Stagden MGB 318 Land and bury 1/2 ton stores. Feb 27 Failed - No Sand.
Period March - Sept 1943

Draper Lle-Stagden
MGB 318
Lt. E. Honer R.N.V.R.
Land party to interview islander
and establish dump.
March 10 Party landed but islander not contacted.
No further attempts to be made.
Cook Lle - Guennoc MGB 318
Lt. E. Honer R.N.V.R.
Land and bury 1/2 ton stores. March 25 First attempt from Falmouth failed owing to fog.
April 3 Second attempt from Falmouth successfull.
Enemy activity,
Happen Near Clogouruan MGB 318
Lt. J. McQuoid
Mason S.A.N.F. (V)
To reconoitre beach. Sept 27 Sortie made but abandoned owing to bad weather.
Very difficult return. MGB nearly capsized.