Fairmile "C" Class data
Designed by: Norman Hart and built by a total of thirteen firms,
Construction Hard Chine prefabricated double diagonal mahogany hull. Plywood frames. Hull subdivided into watertight compartments. Two underslung rudders.
Dimensions Overall Length: 110 ft. Beam: 17 ft 5 in.
Draught: 5 ft fwd, 6ft 3ins aft.
Freeboard: 6 ft.
Displacement As designed: 72 tons
Machinery Three Half-Scott Defenders. 12 Cylinder, Supercharged.
100 Octane Petrol. 900 HP Side Exhaust.
Aux Engine: Stuart Turner, Lighting Set.
Speed 26.6 Knots at 2100 RPM Max: 23.6 Knots at 1700 RPM Continuous.
Endurance 500 Nautical Miles at 12 Knots.
Fuel capacity 1800 Galls. Flexible Tanks were later fitted for 2600 galls.
Heating and Cooking Parrafin heating and cooking later changed to coal heating.
Wheelhouse and Steering Originally inside hydraulic steering. Later changed to dual with upper bridge steering in armour plated upper bridge.
Communications W/T Radar (Type 286). Echo Sounding Sets. CSA Smoke Apparatus.
Compliment 2 Officers, 14 Men.
Armament One 2-Pounder QF Mark IIC Gun on Mark XV (Power) Mounting.
Two twin 0.5 inch Vickers Machine Guns in Mark V (Power) mountings, midships.
One Rolls Royce 2 Pounder aft.
Two Twin Vickers 0.303 GO Machine Guns on Bridge.

Later re-armed with two 2 Pounder mountings fore and aft; Single or Twin Oerlikons in place of Twin 0.5 Vickers; Twin 20mm Oerlikon midships; Four Depth Charges located Two each side aft.